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This vanity is solid wood and has to weigh over 100 pounds! It's made to last forever with the amount of forever epoxy coatings on it!

It was painted rose gold with purple painted first in the areas where its glitter.

The top 2 small drawers were painted to look like purple lace over the rose gold. Larger 4 drawers have a floral wallpaper applied with wood appliques added to the corners and painted rose gold.

All insides and sides of drawers were also painted rose gold. 3 drawers are felt lined as well and 2 have glitter epoxy coatings on the inside lining.

All 4 sides, the bottom of the front, top 2 drawers, middle drawer and mirror decorative pieces have purple holographic glitter with epoxy coatings over to make a smooth surface and make the glitter permanent.

All drawer knobs were painted rose gold then applied opal flakes in epoxy and set a Rhinestone in the middle of each.

Rose molding was added to the bottom edges of all 4 sides, painted rose gold with rhinestones set in the middle of each rose.

Rose gold mirrored pieces were also applied to areas on the front of the vanity.

The top was done in an epoxy pour with purple, rose gold, blush, opal flakes, glitter and white for the design and clear coated with heat resistant epoxy to 450 degrees.

The chair was painted to match with a painted lace detail on the back. Same floral added to the bottom edge with epoxy coating over to secure. Crystal trim added to the edges of the purple crushed velvet. 4 rose moldings with rhinestone also added.

Dimensions: 48w x 18D x 32 (top of vanity desk) 66 overall height with mirror.

Can be purchased here,

Shipping and delivery available.

Pick up in Harrisonville.

"Amethyst Rose" vanity set

$2,295.00 Regular Price
$1,795.00Sale Price
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