This vanity set was originally brought here from Mexico. It's very ornate and detailed like none I've seen before.

It's painted black gloss enamel. I used an auto paint for more gloss and durability. I applied glitter epoxy on the doors and side in areas shown.

The entire top was done in a crushed diamond like glitter with 5 coats of epoxy for a smooth finish. Very durable and cleans well with windex.

New crystal knobs.

The insides of the top drawers were painted silver and lined with a faux leather. The bottom areas are doors and insides are painted the same black as the outside. The inside doors also have glitter epoxy inlayed in the doors.

Mirror painted to match.

The stool was painted the same black enamel and upholstered in a silver faux leather with glitter cording.

The nails on the feet of the vanity and stool were painted red.

Available to purchase.

Delivery and shipping available.

Starlight vanity set